Toxic Sugar?

When we think of our favorite sweet treat, we do not think about its potential deadly consequences. We just enjoy the moment. It's as American as well...Apple Pie. However, these simple and often hidden sweet goodies are playing a potential harmful role. As reported by 60 minutes, new research is linking sugar to the most biggest health problems facing Americans today:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

The average American now consumes 1/3 of a pound of sugar daily. These empty calories, most of which are hidden in the form of fructose (High Fructose Corn Syrup), enter the liver. When there is an excess, the body converts that to the "bad" cholesterol that can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. Other studies reveal that certain types of cancers (breast, colon) have insulin receptors on their surface allowing them to feed on this excess sugar in the body...and grow.

Its A Global Problem

The problems caused by sugar have even reached the global stage. In September 19, 2011 the United Nations adopts political declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases.  These diseases are the World’s leading killer and this is only the second time a health issue has been debated at a special meeting of the General Assembly. (The first time was a vow to take on HIV/AIDS ten years ago).

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan called the issue a “Slow-Motion Disaster”, citing a study that put the cost to the Global economy at $30 Trillion dollars by 2030. “Obesity is the signal that something is terribly wrong,” said Chan

The World Bank on September 15, 2011 said, “If current trends persist, the Sub-Saharan Africa will be the region hardest-hit by the NCDs crisis. If left unchecked, chronic diseases will account for 46% of all deaths by 2030. South Asia could see the share of deaths from NCDs increase from 51% to 72% during the same period.

What is the major cause of this catastrophe? 

The Most Predominate Food element to create non-communicable disease processes is: sugar and to a lesser extent excessive fat and salt in processed food and semi-processed foods.

Sugar in excess causes insulin resistance and consequently a cascading series of diseases that are now creating more sickness,  maiming more people, eliminating more productive years from  human life and causing the most pre-mature deaths than all the wars ever fought.

However, thanks to new research and growing awareness, we may just yet be able to stem the tide.