10 Banned Foods, but NOT in the USA!

Shocking! Our country is supposed to be the most advanced forward thinking, environmentally and humanly protective nation in the World. However, it appears that as long as the  majority of people are willing to go blindly into their supermarkets to purchase highly processed, chemically laden foods the trend will likely continue. We tell the market what we want by the dollars we spend. I often wonder if those dollars are being extracted by tricky food companies that place addictive additives into our foods not unlike the cigarette companies. 

Thankfully people such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the people I highly admire, have been at the forefront of a movement that is asking for transparency in our food production. 

 In this video, Mercola.com presents 10 foods that are already BANNED in other countries because of harmful additives, growth promoters, genetically engineered ingredients, or other dangerous practices, but are still LOVED in America.

Dr. Mercola has dedicated his life to helping consumers learn more about the effects of poor foods can have on a person's health and how nature usually offers the best solution to the health problems facing our society today. This video "infograph" was created by the wonderful team from Mercola.com. They presented powerful information in a short video. Please take a moment and see which products that you may consume on a daily basis that have these compounds. I know that after I watched this informative video that I looked more closely at the foods I eat, the cereals I buy for my kids and the origins of the meats that I eat. I have know for years that farm raised salmon have used 'color enhancers' to produce a more pleasing eye appeal for consumers. With the rise of cancer in more and even younger people, with the increased obesity rates and with the increased neurological problems, maybe it is time we investigate a little more closely at the so-called safe additives.