Our beginnings

Dr. Roger R. Roff

Our dream of creating a high quality nutritional support  supplement began many years ago after Dr. Roger R. Roff returned from Vietnam. He had traveled to the war-torn country after the conclusion of the Vietnam War had ended to provide humanitarian aid to the thousand of Vietnamese refugees. While there, he saw first hand the ravages malnutrition and starvation caused a person. Dr. Roff decided that if these survivors could have received the basic nutritional compounds, then they would not have suffered from all the aliments that they now faced. So began the journey to provide such a product. His first product was Samana No.9. This was a complete meal replacement, which was revolutionary for its time in the 1970s.

Over the years, Dr. Roff would focus more on his practice but he continued to research the reasons why people, in a society of plenty, suffered from so many different health aliments. When Dr. John F. Bracey finished school and began his clinical practice, he joined with Dr. Roff seeking the apparent 'lynch pin' that would help their patients obtain what they all wanted - better health. Through their research, they believed they found that key. In the WHO Technical Report 916, it was reported that 'understanding the evolutionary aspects of diet and its composition might suggest a diet that would be consistent with the diet to which our genes were programmed to respond.'  Dr. Roff had a eureka moment, and Dr. Bracey immediately understood, genetically compatible foods are critical for your bodies genes (the part of the body that code the protein and enzymes) to perform as they should. 

Dr. Bracey and Dr. Roff wanted to develop a nutritional product that would best match the nutrition our body was genetically accustomed. Working and reworking various different concept formulas Vimanna Nutrition's flagship product was created, Essentials for Life (EFL). 

EFL provides a person with the nutrition that is genetically compatible to their body, it was sourced from the function/medicinal foods that all people once consumed. Simply put, our formula is based on that diet and nutrition that our ancestors utilized. That original diet consisted of a variety of 2000 different fruits and vegetables many know with remarkable healing potential. 

EFL has over 90 all natural ingredients, including vine ripened organic whole food s rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, probiotics and essential simple sugars to help support the quality of health and wellness you desire! Our mission is to provide life enhancing nutrition that is virtually removed from our diets today. Enjoy the benefits of proper nutrition. Live Well, Live Essentially!